If You Dream It…

Kids have dreams, too.

Do your kids have vision boards? Vision boards give you pictures of your wishes and dreams for your future. You may have one your family with pictures of your dream vacation, your landscaping, or your new car. Having them posted with magnets to the refrigerator door will insure that everyone sees them every day.

The question is, have you talked to your children about their visions and dreams. Relatives or friends may ask them what they want to be when they grow up, but that is usually the end of the conversation. Their initial reaction will probably be police man, fireman or ballerina, stock answers for children still creating their identities; as they develop these may change.

vision-board Children have dreams just like grown-ups, but they often don’t know how to express them. For kids that have not yet learned how to verbalize their wishes the perfect solution may be a vision board and starting it can be a fun family activity. They just have to go through magazines and cut out pictures of what they want someday; a pony, a race car, toys, or electronic games. Don’t question them, encourage their dreams. The pictures get pasted to a large board and hung where they can see it every day. The board can be changed or added to; it is not carved in stone. It will change as they grow.

I don’t know what the magic is that makes vision boards work, but they do. Apparently having the pictures of your dreams in front of where you can see every day creates the right attitude to make them come true. Learning to use vision boards is a great way to teach your kids about positive attitudes and how to make choices that will help them when they become grown-ups, too.They can start conversations that can help the whole family grow.

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