Old School “Thank You” Notes

The best notes are handwritten, and sent by snail mail. You can use the internet, but your message won’t be as personal and may not get read.With the increasing use of the internet, personal mail, the kind without windows in the envelope, will make your communication stand out.

When we were kids, we hated to write thank you notes for birthday or Christmas presents. It was just another chore because we didn’t understand how important they were; or how good the recipient felt when they opened their mail. Think back, didn’t you get a small thrill when you got a note in the mail addressed directly to you?

Using email can be appropriate for short business notes if you are starved for time. They are fast easy to send, and you know that they are being delivered, but not if they are being read. Email, however has become very impersonal and should not be used for personal messages.

Keep all of this in mind when communicating with your customers and clients. They will appreciate that you have taken the time to thank them, personally, for their business and an offer of further assistance when they need it.

Hand written notes matter in your business personal life as well as your personal one “Thank you for wanting to do business with me.. Thank you for returning calls quickly. Thank you for being so nice. Thank you for treating me like my business matters to you.”(Jenn)

Jenn August has it right. Do you send Thank You Notes for you customers as well as your friends? They are an important tool for letting your world know you are ready and able to help them reach their goals; thank you notes can make a big difference in the future of your business. Customers and clients like to know that you appreciate their business, and that you care about their feelings. Your thank you note tells them that you care. This will make them more likely to come back again, and again and send their friends, too.

Author: Stuff You Want to Know

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