It Can Happen To Anyone

It can happen to anyone. There seems to be an increase in phishing activity lately; I just got another one of those emails that was “phishing” for information.  It looked like it really came from my bank and when I clicked on the link it took me to a page that looked like the home page for my bank. But it wasn’t.


The bad guys create copies of real looking websites to use to gather the information they need to rip you off.

Phishing is the system that perpetrators use to steal your information for their own gain. The fraud they commit against you can cause major chaos in your life. Phishers send out thousands of emails expecting to get a certain number of responses; enough to cause havoc.

Whooa! Never, never, never, click on the link from a mysterious email, or any other account, even if it looks real. Unless you have contacted the account yourself the email is probably someone out to do you harm. These perpetrators are trying to steal your identity so they can spend your money or ruin your credibility.

Immediately go directly to the account in question to check on your status; be sure that you have not already been hacked. Let the Manager of the bank or wherever know about the email.   Type in the address that you have on file; DO NOT EVER use the link in the email; this tells the bad guys that you are vulnerable and they can get a lot of information just from that click.

While you are in your account contact the fraud division.  They may want you to forward the email to them.  Banks and other companies take this kind of fraud very seriously.  They work closely with law enforcement to find the  people who are causing so many problems for so many people; especially those who aren’t aware of this type of fraud. This kind of identity theft can cause you years of hassles, lost credibility and huge amounts of money to repair. And be careful, there are companies who claim they can help you correct the problem, some of them are frauds themselves; check with the Better Business Bureau before you hire anyone.

If you have a friend who is not computer savvy tell them what is happening and show them this article. They will thank you if they are able to avoid fraud and all the problems that go with it.

It is a shame that we can’t trust our fellow man, but unfortunately there are too many of these frauds happening to not be aware so you can protect yourself. Some people in this world think that what is yours should be theirs. The best thing that you can do is protect yourself from being a target.


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