“I never read. I’m always busy doing a lot.”


I am appalled.  This quote appeared in Michael Gerson’s column in this morning’s paper that absolutely pushed my buttons.  It said that “I never read. I’m always busy doing a lot.” Shame on you; even if you only read for 15 minutes a day your awareness and insight will be improved.

How could a presumably smart man be so out of touch with reality?  We learn from the past about what did or didn’t work. Not reading eliminates that very important source of information and  new concepts and ideas that may lead to solving problems.

Additionally, what does this say to our children; “if that man can be so successful without reading so can I.”  They are missing the point. They are shutting themselves off from becoming “smarter”.  My first Father-Daughter day involved getting my library card, which I have always treasured; it opened a world which couldn’t have been imagined.

We should all be reading a wide selection of literature, books and magazines, as often as possible. We also should encourage our children to read; read to them, have them read to you, or they can read to themselves, just as long as we are all reading.



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