Creating Quality Fans

Whether You Are on Facebook, Twitter or some other format these hints will help.

 1) Focus your fan building efforts on quality fans rather than quantity fans. 
Identify your ideal fans-–those are the folks who will truly engage with you because they love your postings and comments. Accept that a portion of your existing fans may no longer be interested in what you have to say, and don’t get frustrated if your unsubscribe rates seem unusually high. It may just mean that you need a different set of fans, not a new content strategy.

2) Stay on-topic with your content. 
Even the most loyal fan will leave after reading a bunch of boring or repetitive postings will unfollow you. Be humble enough to admit you don’t always know what your fans want to read–so ask them what they want to see.

3) Pose a question                                                                                                                               You will get more quality fans- it’s worth doing this occasionally. You will get more comments if you post relevant stuff or stuff you know what you audience wants to see. A friend of mine often posts family updates because she knows that her friends are curious.

When you get a new follower act on it; check their profile and send a “hello” message; you will stand out in the crowd and create new conversations. Ask them why they chose to follow you-there is a lesson to be learned.

In addition, track your post comments closely to see which posts are getting the most comments and are most likely to go viral.  Those are the topics that people want to see. If one friend always follows you ask them why- this could be the basis of a new friendship. It will also tell you what is worth posting. Don’t forget to follow them back; it would be rude to not to.

4) Match your fans’ expectations for posting frequency.
How to time your Facebook posts to reach the most fans is a popular topic, It’s easy to wear out your fans, even with good content. Don’t bombard your fans with too many posts all at once, make sure your posts are interesting or important and spread them out throughout the day.

5) Experiment. 
Finally, don’t be afraid to try new content, new format, and new approaches. You might be surprised what types of posts your fans might react to in the most positive way. The key with experimentation is not just trying new things, but measuring the results and adjusting in real time. If you always post things that are entertaining, interesting, and positive you will create an interesting and eclectic fan base worth your time and energy.

FLIP-FLOP: Let’s Eliminate the Hyphen

I propose a mission to Flip Flop of all of our citizen designations.  This movement to change how we label people would make us truly culturally diverse, and help eradicate segregation, and racially motivated crimes.

I know that trying to make this happen is akin to trying to move a mountain with a teaspoon. It will, however, bring awareness to how we segregate ourselves. Choices and opportunities would be enhanced; our citizens would have all diverse people to learn from and stand beside them in unity.


Hyphenated cultural variations are causing a significant divide in our country. Americans are obsessed with labels. We even label our citizens with hyphenated designations.  We segregate groups into ghettos according to these labels. This has a polarizing effect.

Of course “black lives matter”, but so do everybody else.

For a long time I have argued against the hyphen.  It is too divisive. Saying someone is African-American or Mexican- American drives them to closed societies.  Many feel that the only chance they have is to group around similar people to have a comfortable life. Children learn that this is who there are and who they will always be. Hopes and dreams are limited by their circumstance.

An immigrant should still be labeled by their home country.  The first generation may also carry that label, unless they are naturalized or were born here, in which case the new label would apply.  Any generations after that should be American-subgroup. We would all be Americans with honors given to our heritage; for example American-African, American-Mexican, or American-Irish.

We should be aiming at full assimilation and integration, but I don’t see that happening any time soon if we continue using divisive labels.

The mingling of diverse people, their thoughts and ideas make for a richer culture. People living in mixed communities will learn from their neighbors; people would become more open to individuals of different backgrounds; shared learning and activities would help bring people together. People would be able to aggregate their knowledge and strength to help them grow and their neighbors weather their challenges.

The crime rate would invariably decrease because gangs and other trouble makers would not be confined to ghettos with limiting philosophies, but spread out all over town. Education opportunities would improve with diverse mixed classes. Children who do have hopes and dreams would be in a better position to reach their goals.  We would reduce the differences between poor schools and rich schools; the playing field would be leveled for the benefit of all of us.

Cultural diversity was the goal our founding fathers who had a philosophy of equal treatment and opportunity for every citizen, (slavery is another story and fit into the culture at the time). Dividing our nation with hyphens is the opposite of their goals of inclusion and is causing challenges that should not even be on the table.



Protect yourself from losing your world with a simple solution.

Protect yourself from losing your world with a simple solution. If you are going anywhere near the water, the beach, a lake, a river, or a pool put your cell phone in a thumb_mobile_phone_22zipper top plastic bag.  There is nothing that will kill your phone faster than exposure to water.

“I never read. I’m always busy doing a lot.”


I am appalled.  This quote appeared in Michael Gerson’s column in this morning’s paper that absolutely pushed my buttons.  It said that “I never read. I’m always busy doing a lot.” Shame on you; even if you only read for 15 minutes a day your awareness and insight will be improved.

How could a presumably smart man be so out of touch with reality?  We learn from the past about what did or didn’t work. Not reading eliminates that very important source of information and  new concepts and ideas that may lead to solving problems.

Additionally, what does this say to our children; “if that man can be so successful without reading so can I.”  They are missing the point. They are shutting themselves off from becoming “smarter”.  My first Father-Daughter day involved getting my library card, which I have always treasured; it opened a world which couldn’t have been imagined.

We should all be reading a wide selection of literature, books and magazines, as often as possible. We also should encourage our children to read; read to them, have them read to you, or they can read to themselves, just as long as we are all reading.




Cell phones seem to be everywhere these days.  They are helping us stay connected, but they are also breeding a culture of disrespect.

Rudeness and bad manners are increasing and having a negative impact on our society.  Cell phones are a major part of the problem. You can do your part to reduce this impact by being selective about when and where you answer your phone or send text messages.

Do you remember the days before cell phones?  Even before answering machines the caller had to call back to reach you. With the advent of answering machines they could leave a message so you could get back to them. Now days people feel that they might miss something if they don’t answer immediately.

Cell phones seem to be everywhere these days.  They are helping us stay connected, but they are also breeding a culture of disrespect.  We have all seen instances of people dining (not) together where each person is holding their own phone conversations or texting and ignoring the person across the table from them. Whole families do this instead of each of sharing with each other. The first step would be to ban electronics at the dinner table and any other social events; sports, weddings and other gatherings, school should be included. Whatever the situation, the world will not come to an end if you wait to return call or text.

Occasionally answering the phone is unavoidable, but for the most part, we should all learn to let it ring.  If the call is important, the caller can leave a message and you can get back to them at a more convenient time.  For those rare calls that just can’t be ignored, like a parent or boss, it is possible to set distinct ring tones for those numbers. Excuse yourself, and make the call as short as possible.

There have been cases reported of people receiving thousands of text messages per month; they are obviously addicted.  Texting is becoming the preferred means of communication, which makes even little sense than calling. If you are texting, you have a phone in your hand; why not just call the texter and have a real conversation? Text can be handy to confirm an appointment or deliver an “on my way” kind of messages, but long conversations don’t make sense when you can interact personally with the texter.

One trick I do recommend when your rings. If you don’t recognize the number don’t speak first; no hello or anything.  A lot of phone solicitations are voice activated, if you don’t say anything they will just hang up so you don’t have to waste your time talking to a phone solicitor.

Smart phones can be a very useful tool, or they can cut you off from society.  Used responsibly they can help you stay in touch with friends and family; irresponsibly they can pull you down and destroy your credibility. Just as you are responsible in other areas of our life, your cell phone is a responsibility, too.